Saturday, 7 December 2013

T3-M4 Part 7

As with the tie fighter I haven't't added much detail to the object partially due to the difficulty of the shape and now I've started to believe maybe I really just want to build the animation which maybe in future I should add all the detail to the models before I start animating as it appears to have become my focus. I added details to the embedded sections adding in the wires and I also added small platforms to the body, most of the mesh did not require this as I had already extruded sections. Overall I'm quite happy with the T3-M4 now, he should fit nicely into the animation!

I made him slightly discoloured because he is meant to have aged since the Old Republic, if I have any more time I'd like to add rust and more marks since the end of Kotor II The Sith Lords he most likely may have taken a few knocks then again since he is operational he would have been repaired.

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