Saturday, 7 December 2013

Tie Fighter Part 6

I started adding more detail with bit maps to my tie fighter although it proved very difficult to add these to the various shapes on the fighter. Such as the hexagon shaped wings and the sphere cockpit, so in the end I only added a minor amount of detail to the ships wings but this is partially because upon some reflection I realised the ships will be moving quickly in the scene and spending too much time on this will put a strain on the upcoming due date, because I hope to include some music I have to spend my time wisely and the T3-M4 is going to be a slow moving character in the scene and thus that needs my attention. I may return to add more detail to the tie fighter if I have time at the end but it is not a priority.

The ships wings went a bit wrong but I quite liked the effect, I preferred to what I was hoping to achieve as I thought this may even add to the speed of the ship as too much detail may make it look slow which worked well with the star destroyers but maybe not so well with the tie fighters.

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