Saturday, 7 December 2013

Lights, Camera, Render! Part 10

Now that I have my T3-M4, I have continued to build the animation. I am still building the scene revealing the T3-M4 with the sand crawler opening. But the first scene I made is a close up of the droid, I did this partially to take advantage of a shot which some of my class mates may struggle with as this droid is the closest I can get at this level of 3D modelling for an actual face. I then made the T3-M4 look left and then right, this was to show he is scanning the area and then notices something above him.

After this I placed the camera into the same view as the T3-M4's main eye piece and zoomed into the sky to reveal the two star destroyer's. I thought this looked fairly awesome as a way to introduce the audience that the star destroyers and that they have found their target and that the T3-M4 knows it! One issue with such a shot as it seems the close I get to objects the longer rendering time seems to be but this could be because of the sand crawler which due to earlier issues described previously its polygon count is fairly high.

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