Friday, 13 December 2013

Slice Modifier

The slice modifier intruiged me as I previosuly have had issues with slicing my models in half and it always felt rather messy to select polygons and delete them.

Using the slice tool you can divide any shape although refine mesh and split mesh didn't seem to do what I had hoped, I was hoping split would seperate the shape into objects but it only seems to split it but it remains a single object so I'm not sure how it could be utilized.

I then continued to play with the tool as I felt its true use hadn't quite been found so I decided to slect the plane which seems to devide the object. It was hard to tell how it really affected the sphere so I built a torus instead and if there was specific parts on a model that needs to be cut away and deleting polygons doesn't quite cut it this tool may well be the answer.

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