Saturday, 14 December 2013

Explosions & Implosions!

When speaking to a colleague they mentioned they had found a tutorial about creating explosions so of course I was intrigued. They provided me with the following link [LINK].
The first thing that struck me is how simple and quick this was to implement, you literally click the bomb function under the Space Warps tab then Geometric/Deformable choice on the drop down box then place it where you want it.

Then using the Bind to Space Warps option which is next to the linking tools (I've been curious about this option so its finally nice to know what it does) and like with the link tools click your object and drag it onto the bomb pyramid shape. I chose to use the teapot like in the link because I'm boring.

After this you watch it blow!

And then what really caught my attention is you can decrease the strength to a minus number creating implosions!

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