Friday, 20 December 2013

Relax Guy!

Another modifier I thought I'd play around with, first I used it on two simple shapes. It seems like it could be a useful tool for animating objects dissapearing. I remember in my first year game I animated ghosts to become smaller when they were killed. This modifier could have made a more professional job of this.

After using the tool it seems resenable odd so I decided to quickly build a more complicated shape and see how it would react to a grouped object, the result was a strange saturn like baby rattle thing? Either way it seemed to be ok with the relax effect although seems to remain tall as oppose to shrinking so relax seems to thin objects out but as you can see from the pyramid shape above that the angle an object shrinks seems resenably unpredictable.

This tool could be usefull in a warp type scenerio but other than that I am struggling to think of practicle uses thus far.

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