Friday, 20 December 2013

Raytracer and Friends!

I thought I would play around with some of the mesh options and raytracing was mentioned on one of my colleagues blogs. I struggled to get the reflection to work properly, initially I could not get any colour to appear and when I finally did it was kind of inverted which I kind of liked. Other than that though the process was easy enough especially after I added a metal like effect over the top to increase the detail. I then edited the opacity to see what it is capable of as self illumination so you can in this one image see around 4 different effects creating an interesting scene. Its almost like art...

I then thought I would test out the marble effect, this was interesting and could be helpful for adding a nice kind of shine effect to silver and gold objects in the future but just adding a bit of extra variation. I then threw the dent effect into the gloss section to see how you can build upon other effects. Straight away I thought how this could be used along with the ability to change material as this would have looked awesome to add before the planet explodes!
Then I checked out the smoke effect. This looks nice but I think would probabily need to be added to a particle effect to really get the full feel of smoke. Although in its current state kind of reminds me of Diablos from FFVIII but that may be because of its sphere shape.
To finish off my look into various material effects, atleast for today. I thought I would check out the wood tool as this come could be quite useful as wood is a common material in real life. I thought the wood effect was awesome, and is a really easy tool for so much detail. Although this image really points out the issues with my reflections. I'll have to work on this sometime soon!

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