Friday, 6 December 2013

Lights, Camera, Render! Part 9

Today I continued to render some more scenes and see what they would look like in sequence. The first issue I have found is the first two star destroyer scenes I created as seen in the previous post when together don't look quite right as the camera's flow doesn't quite work and after some attempts at editing the scene I have found the two concepts don't work well together. So I decided to render the first scene to be slightly longer as to increase the anticipation before the first star destroyer looms into shot. From this the animation will link into the scene seen below.

This scene is again static this is because I am still having to establish the location which is why I used a long shot. On top of this, after several edits I decided to add a box like droid as seen in Star Wars to firstly give the scene more life and secondly to draw the viewers eye to the right as to build further anticipation for when the sand crawler appears from the left. The problem I am having with my scenes location is it takes place on land unlike a lot of my fellow animators in my class whom most of which take place in space. This prevents me from using quick camera angles for action and have to rely on telling my story through specific shots. I have also found it very difficult to keep to the 30 second constraint of my animation as I have chose to build it with star destroyers and a sand crawler which are two of the slowest vehicles in Star Wars. If I had time I would maybe think about producing a total space scene with faster ships.

I then produced this scene which has skipped a few of the shots from my storyboard and other ideas such as I would have liked to show a long sand crawler journey through day and night. But time constraints are proving to be a massive challenge! I decided to use a low angle to really show the size of the sand crawler and emphasize the looming terror of the imperial star destroyers. Again the scene has very little movement until the zoom into the star destroyers. This use of movement now shows how the action is beginning to pick up as the star destroyers target is revealed to be the crawler. The next scene will be the deployment of several tie fighters. This will give me the opportunity to add more high speed movement following the ships and some more exciting camera angles. But first I have to stop putting off adding more detail to my tie fighter and T3-M4 models!

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