Monday, 9 December 2013

Lights, Camera, Render! Part 12

I continued with the animation, I built the tie fighter scene as you can see below, it works but its not perfect. It took me a while to get the angle right as well as have the camera follow in the correct way. It also took me time to add the details to the landscape because it all felt very plain. Also I found when editing the 2D splines they follow that they easily become distorted to the point that corners become very sharp.

I also added some detail into the journey, its only a mild improvement to the scene but I think adds further life to the scene which a desert desperately needs to keep the audience entertained and prevent everything looking too "samey".

One thing I noticed immediately as the ending to this section is far to abrupt so I'm going to re render the scene and have the camera become static towards the end as ending on movement doesn't look quite right.

When I linked this video into the rest it was clear another scene was necessary as this come directly after the T3-M4 spots the star destroyers so it zoomed in and then tie fighters just appear and the next scene begins. To resolve this I created the scene below.

But again a problem arose, once I put the videos in sequence it just felt incredibly messy with a zoom in, then out then the tie fighters appear. So I may need to have a rethink of how these scenes will work together...

Also just added there is an odd sun in the video which needs removing!

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