Thursday, 7 November 2013

T3-M4 Return Part 2

I've decided to improve the detail in my T3-M4 model as in comparison to my other two models it doesn't look up to scratch. I went back to the smoothing tool despite the massive increase of polygons. First I improved the main eye which I then tidied up. This is where I discovered simply removing edges to reduce the number of polygons can cause some strange effects from various angels so I returned the lines rather than save on a few polygons.
I chose to only smooth out the large eye as the two smaller eyes to the side struggled with the detail most likely due to their size. Also because of there size it did not feel worth the polygon increase.

The smooth tool really improved the T3-M4 in the end, I also amended the shoulder portion as I felt as with the eyes, didn't quite look correct. Since editing these features I am finally happy with the model.

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