Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Complete Models

These are the final products, I went back to the T3-M4 model briefly to see if I could add more detail as since finishing the Tie Fighter it felt sort of bare. What I found was behind the eyes there are no polygons but I couldn't connect any vertex's to solve this issue. So what I did was I enlarged the eyes to fill in these gaps.

The Sandcrawler is fine although desperately needs some kind of bitmap to add the missing details such as the panels. On top of this the actually tracks are not technically attached fully to the model but I felt this would be a waste of polygons as I have no intention of zooming in to the stationary tracks during the animation.

Also overall I am extremely pleased with the Tie Fighter, the main issue is the lack of detail on the wings but nothing a bitmap cannot solve but generally I can't think of much else to add to this model.

During the course of producing these three models I have learnt a lot such as:
Extrude, inset, connect, outline, mesh smooth, remove, bridge, scaling, symmetry, bevel, lathe, fillet, bend, 2D splines, pivot, boolean and pro boolean. These are just some of the tools I have used in their production.

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