Sunday, 17 November 2013

Star Destroyer Part 2

I have continued to build my star destroyer but have begun to find the shape quite a challenge.

The above green section never seemed to look correct. I originally tried following the schematic multiple times but the this part always seemed too large especially when online images seemed to show this part being about one third of the ship but the schematic shows it at about half.

Eventually the shape came together by kind of merging the schematic and images online. I then continued to add the other details such as the control tower and engines. Since this is my fourth star wars model I have really started to get the hang of creating sections quickly. I think I will add a bit more detail to the top and a lot more to the back as these are the sections which will be shown in the animation.

I built the main section as just a half for the time being, I figured I could simply mirror it after completion.

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