Thursday, 31 October 2013

Sandcrawler Part 6

After adding the final details to the door and shape I then used the hierarchy panel and by selecting the affect pivot only option I was able to move the pivot point of the door and with some trail and error I managed to place it in the correct spot so that in the animation I can rotate the door to open it.

Then I decided more detail was needed on the back end of the model and so again after searching the internet [LINK] I found that the sandcrawler has been shown to have two funnels each with some kind of container on the back so using shapes like cylinders and the torus I recreated them.

I think this concludes the basic production of the sandcrawler for now, if I was to add any more detail it probably will be with a texture. I'm quite happy with the model, I think it went better than the droid but that may be because its a larger model.

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