Thursday, 31 October 2013

Sandcrawler Part 5

After some searching I found an image which showed what the door looks like when opened.
 So I reproduced the shape starting with a cube and adding edges where they were needed. The piston went badly though, initially I tried to use the same technique I used for the T4-M3 model where I simply created a new polygon after extruding but this proved difficult this time round possibly due to the size of the object and so I was forced to group it with another cylinder inside.

I then added the windows into the model, although another problem arose where the boolean tool was no longer allowing me to build into the model but would only cut out the shape and leave a hole. So adapting the options allowed me to use the cubes to create a polygon instead which I could then extrude.

Also what proved useful was the remove button located in the edge section, this allowed me to tidy the model up as using the boolean tool seemed to add a great deal of edges.

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