Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Darth Revan Hath Cometh!

I have put my light sabres into my final scene and I have to say I'm quite pleased with the outcome, this may be the first scene I've made that I don't feel the need to redo it immediately and make alterations. But I've only watched it once so far so give me time. But generally it looks good, I had to animate the tie fighters closing in and I added an extra star destroyer to show how more and more are coming in to really emphasize the threat this droid and sand crawler truly is to the empire. I zoomed in from a slight low angle to set the scene of everything closing in on the sand crawler. I also animation the T3-M4 slightly to add some extra life to the scene like I did earlier with the box droid.

Having given it a few more watches along with the other scenes the tie fighters need to be altered to be faster to make sense with the speed they are coming in at during the previous scene but generally not much to change really, I might make the angle shift like I did in the opening scene as well just for continuity with the previous scene as well.

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