Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Building Tatooine Part 3

Today I've continued building the Tatooine landscape, I think its pretty much finished. If I have any extra time left over at the end of creating my animations I may add bitmaps to a lot of the objects but to be honest not much would change. I found it difficult to keep track of the amount of omni lights I had placed around but with a little editing I managed to produce the shadowing I desired. I particularly like the two suns I placed in the sky, it really finished off the scene. I'm confident anyone viewing the scene will get the general idea of the location now.

The scene as you can see is quite oddly proportioned. That is because as seen in many other animations the screen is often divided up as seen in the image bellow following the rule of thirds.

I tried to avoid objects being too central, such as the suns, huts and Jabba's palace. I chose to place the tower in the middle as I wanted this to be the centre of attention as the intention is to have the Sand Crawler come pushing through the left hand side utilizing a bit of anticipation whilst again avoiding objects being too central.

Although to a certain degree I also followed this which shows how a viewers eye generally tends to look at a screen starting with the top left corner and ending with the bottom right corner.

The next step is to add bitmaps to both my Tie Fighter and the T3-M4!

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