Saturday, 23 November 2013

Star Destroyer Part 6

I have finished bit mapping the Star Destroyer. I feel it has turned out fine, I wasn't happy with the shape for a long time but the bit map seems to have improved this, I chose not to go into massive detail with this model because it won't be a main object of the animation but still I wanted it to look good.

After this it occurred to me for the animation I am going to need to build the glow of the engines, after some research I figured out how to edit an omni light sufficiently. First I had to prevent the lights from affecting the rest of the models shadow wise. Then it was just a matter of attaching a glow effect and making it fit the engines. I am pretty pleased with the outcome, really finishes off the model!

I could even add this to my T3-M4's eyes. I've also been toying with including lightsabers at the end of the scene so this feature could be very useful!

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