Sunday, 20 October 2013

Plane Tutorial Part 3

Using the cut tool to produce the wings did prove messy after all, the wings went fine but I did find it difficult to follow the schematic because there was so much going on in the image. Also in my first attempt I had already smoothed the planes mesh and using the cut tool in that scenario was a terrible idea misshaping it from various angels. But after I learnt how to turn that function on and off it was fine.
I also found the symmetry tool awesome, I believe this will make any model so much easier, especially if there's a great deal of the same details on the opposite sides of the model. In previous tests with 3DS Max I used the mirror tool and always found it to be sloppy when merging.
Just an extra note as well another tool in the tutorial was the detach tool which allowed me to separate the cockpit from the plane and thus add detail onto the inside which could come in handy when creating the Sandcrawlers door!

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