Friday, 18 October 2013

T3-M4 Part 1

I decided to start with the T3-M4 from Knights of the Old Republic as his basic shape is simple and will look good when finished.

The first new tool I have discovered in producing this model is the Outline tool. I tried using inset along with extrude but it didn't produce the effect I needed so with some research I found this tool which was perfect allowing me to create a rounded top to the cylinder.

One challenge was indenting his head slightly, the solution I used may not have been the best but I simply extruded what I could then deleted the polygons, then just added new polygons where I wanted them using the create tool. This cannot have been the best way to do this but the result I imagine is the same, it just took slightly more time.
I then added the droid's body and arm where I got to take advantage of the outline tool once more with the shoulder segment.

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