Saturday, 26 October 2013

Sandcrawler Part 2

The next piece I decided to build after finishing the initial shape of the crawler was the tracks, I started with a cube and moulded the shape of the wheel to the one pictured in the schematic by simply adding edges. Then I used the connect function to divide the shape into equal sized pieces all over. After that I simply extruded each part skipping one every time to give the effect of tracks.
After the wheel was built I added tubes to form the wheels, I was originally going to try and use the boolean tool to keep the the tracks as one object but if I used that tool it made the model messy with a lot of polygons so this kept everything tidy and simply grouping the objects together was just as effective.

I am still debating if this was the best way to add the detail of the wheels to the tracks, if I was more knowledgeable with bitmaps at this point I may have seen how the model would have looked with that but right now I think this was the best option for me.

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